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Trackee Track & Trace

Trackee drives up your company productivity by giving you data you can use to increase visibility, reduce costs and create new digital services for your customers.

IoT Cloud Platform

Trackee is the next-gen. Internet of Things Platform, that connects your trucks / trailers / containers / packages / etc. all around the World and gives you full visibility about their location.

Trackee is the Global Network, which works in almost every country and provides your detailed location information no matter where you or all your assets are.

Collaboration Environment

Trackee is not only the place, where you can see position of all you objects online. With Trackee you can effectively collaborate and sharing important tracking data with others.

Use power of data to create new digital services.
Let Logistics Flow be visible for your customers and partners.

Control everything from one place

Trackee App is Cloud service where you can see and share all tracking details with others remotely.
It is accessible from anywhere, right from your browser or smartphone App.

Data at your disposal.
Any time. For free.

What is the power of Trackee?.. DATA!

Trackee Track & Trace keeps all data for all your vehicles without any time limits.

You can always revisit tracking data online to see all tracking details for any vehicle or asset.
Analyze, minimize risks, eliminate inefficiencies and increase performance of your business.
And this is all for free. You only pay when tracking is active.

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Compatible with any vehicle. Fits everywhere.

  • No connection to vehicle board electronics is required;
  • No external power supply is required;
  • No any installations efforts and costs.

Easy to Start. Easy to Use.

Start using Trackee Track & Trace in seconds.

Trackee is the most simplest and easiest way to digitize your fleet.
Just put your trackers any place inside your vehicles, activate tracking and see all tracking details online.

No SIM-card required.

We make your life easier.

There is no need to choose any telecom provider, compare prices, roaming fees, network coverage and eventually buy, install and remember where all your SIM-cards are. It is all in the past.

All Trackee devices have SIM-cards built-in.
We offer single pricing scheme for the whole World.
There are no any roaming fees attached.

Works everywhere

Track your trucks, track your containers, track your packages ...
Trackee will work for you everywhere, where GSM networks exist.

Robust and Energy-efficient GSM-technology will work for you even indoors,
where traditional GPS tracking-systems typically do not.

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Check Availability

Trackee is available almost everywhere - 98% of Countries worldwide.

Check out Live Earth to see if Trackee is available in those countries you work in.

Not Available

Integration made simple

Do you build your own App or integrating with other systems (TMS, SCM, ERP)?
Trackee API can help you to do it much faster & easier.

Control with Trackee API every single detail of your infrastructure.
Automate your decision-making process.

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Low costs

Trackee is the most flexible and affordable Track & Trace solution available worldwide.
You pay only when you use it. On a daily-basis.

Start tracking your vehicles only for


vehicle / daily

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What is the Trackee Track & Trace?
How does Trackee work?

Trackee uses cellular and Wi-Fi networks to identify positions of trackers. Trackers periodically connect to the mobile network and Trackee Platform transforms further these connections into the geo-positions. If during such communication tracker can detect Wi-Fi network nearby (usually in urban area), it also sends its unique identifier to the Trackee Platform. Using dynamic database with Wi-Fi network locations, Trackee bring some correctives into the location coordinates. In this case it helps to achieve 5 ~ 10 meter accuracy.

How can I configure trackers?

Upon tracking activation customer can select how often he wants to have location updates being reported by chosen device. It could be once a day, hourly, every 15 min. Less frequent communication with the Platform is cheaper and can save battery life of tracker for more than 1 year.

In which countries Trackee is available?

Trackee is a Global Tracking Network, which is available almost everywhere - 98% of countries worldwide. Check out our Live Earth above to check availability in those countries, where your do your business.

How do I install Trackee equipment?

Trackee devices are autonomous and does not require external power supply or connection to vehicle board electronics. You can simply put tracker into the any place of the vehicle and activate tracking even remotely.

Which vehicles are compatible with Trackee?

Trackee is compatible with all possible vehicles.

Does Trackee use GPS for positioning?

No. Trackee devices intentionally have no any GPS modules installed. This allows to achieve availability indoors and high-autonomy of trackers.

How accurate Trackee's positioning?

Typically, Trackee's positioning accuracy is 200 ~ 500 m. In barely populated area it can be around ~ 2km. In urban area accuracy can be improved up to the 5 meters (Wi-Fi).

How long Trackee devices hold a charge?

For more than 1 year if device configured to report coordinates once a day.

How long tracking data is stored in Trackee Cloud?

Forever. You can revisit all historic data anytime for free.

Do Trackee devices record position when there is no mobile network reception?

No, this is not possible because Trackee relies on a connection to the mobile network to determine a position.

What is the size of Trackee device?

Tracker is the size of a credit card (87 mm x 56 mm) and is 6.5mm thin. The weight is less than 47gr.

Is it possible to white-label Trackee devices or App?

Yes, you can order custom batch of trackers with your logo and internet address.
Trackee App can be also configured to have corporate brand colors and logo. It is offered as a part of Dedicated Cloud option.
Contact Us for more details.

Does Trackee provide any integration interfaces?

Customer TMS and any other kind of information system can be seamlessly integrated with Trackee by means of powerful open Trackee REST API. Customer can access detailed tracking data as well as remotely & programmatically manage its overall tracking infrastructure.

Is this possible to identify if Trackee devices is within some geographic area?

Currently only Trackee API provides functionality to check presence of the device within some geographic area.

Does Trackee support sharing of tracking data?

Yes. This is one of the heavily used functionality and biggest advantage of Trackee our B2B customers can simply use to bring transparency and create services for their customers in turn. Data in Trackee can be easily shared from API or in a few clicks from Trackee App.

Can user protect access to tracking data?

Yes. User can limit access to the tracking mission only for those people / applications, who has an unique PIN-code.

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