Smart Containers

Trackee is an elastic Cloud Platform that connects your cargo containers from any point of the World. It gives you full visibility by providing simple digital interfaces to control location of all your containers online.

Available everywhere

Trackee works for you everywhere where cellular network exist.
Doesn't matter whether your container on the way or e.g. in the port.

Global Network

Coverage of Trackee Network is 98% of countries worldwide. It works outdoors and indoors and, of course, being installed inside containers.

Built-in SIM-cards, absence of any roaming fees and single pricing scheme for the whole World makes Trackee incredibly easy and profitable to use for container tracking.

How Trackee makes containers smart?

Trackee is the easiest and the most efficient way to bring level of Digital culture in your company to the next level. By creating digital twins for you containers and streamlining overall digitization of your asset infrastructure, Trackee facilitates and automates data-driven decision making process.


Conditional monitoring

Safety control

Remote Control

Business Rules


Cloud connectivity

Trackee is the next-gen. End-to-End Internet of Things (IoT) Tracking Platform, that makes management of your moveable assets easier as never before. Trackee Cloud provides you access to real-time data as well as all historical tracking details from globally connected containers.

We retain all tracking data for all your containers in the Trackee Cloud forever. You can easily revisit any details in the past to analyze, minimize risks and improve performance of your business.

Collaboration Platform

Trackee's advantage is the built-in possibility to share tracking data with others. Collaboration capabilities of the Platform ease data flow within the company and provides out-of-the-box tracking service you can flexibly offer for you customers.

Control all your containers from one place

Trackee App is Cloud service where you can see and share all tracking details with others remotely.
It is accessible from anywhere, right from your browser or smartphone App.

Easy to Start. Easy to Use.

Trackee is incredibly easy to use Platform which is ready to use right out of the box.

Install Trackers

Mount Trackee device using our IP66/67 protection case with integrated magnets.



Select how often you want to receive location updates. Protect tracking mission by providing PIN-code if necessary.


Activate Tracking

Activate Tracking mission from Trackee App or make it by using Trackee API.

Trackee R

Trackee R can be used right out-of-the-box. There is no need to choose any telecom provider, compare prices, roaming fees, network coverage and eventually buy and install any SIM-cards. It is all in the past.

All Trackee devices have SIM-cards built-in.
Highly autonomous Trackee R installed inside container will be working for you up to 1 year on a single charge.

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Protection Box

You can use this box to protect your tracker in rough environment and conditions. The integrated magnets facilitate the mounting inside containers and other metal assets.


  • Full Visibility in the Value Chain;
  • No geo boundaries for your Business;
  • Low costs of technology ownership;
  • Ready to use solution;
  • No development and integration efforts;
  • Better Traceability and Predictability;
  • Full access to your tracking Data;
  • Value added services for your customers;