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We make tracking affordable and cost-efficient for everyone.

Our trackers

Trackers, which you can use right out-of-the-box.
No any additional investments are required.

Trackee R

Compact. Powerful. Works everywhere.
Just start using it, no any SIM-card required.

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In order to activate and have tracking mission running you need to use Credits -
Trackee's internal virtual currency.
Select which credits package below fits your needs.


  • 40 days
    of running mission (updates every 15min)
  • 3+ months
    (hourly updates)
  • 4+ months
    (daily updates)

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  • 6+ months
    of running mission (updates every 15min)
  • 16+ months
    (hourly updates)
  • 21+ months
    (daily updates)

200,00 excl. VAT Add to cart


  • 5+ years
    of running mission (updates every 15min)
  • 13+ years
    (hourly updates)
  • 17+ years
    (daily updates)

2.000,00 excl. VAT Add to cart

Advantages & Benefits


Load pre-paid credits on your account to pay for tracking missions. You keep total control over your budget.


You only pay for your active missions, on a daily basis. Stop a mission whenever you want and billing stops at the same time.

No subscription

There are no fixed subscriptions. You are free to use any of your trackers to start tracking, even remotely. In this way, you can optimally adapt your tracking usage to the e.g. seasonality of your business.

No roaming fees

Our customers do not bother in which countries their trackers are. We offer single pricing for the whole World. Track anything and anywhere. We cover 98% of the countries.

Trackee for Business

Do you use Trackee for Business, need large amounts of trackers or flexible service plans?
Contact us. We have tailored offerings for Business Customers that will fit your needs.