Trackee For Business

Trackee for Business

Discover the most flexible tracking solution in the World.
We make tracking affordable and cost-efficient for everyone.

Why Trackee?

New offerings for customers

Absolute transparency

Trackee allows you to see real-time position as well as detailed location history about any object in the World online.

No more lost goods

Value‑added services

With Trackee you can easily share data with others and, in this way, create new digital offerings for your customers and partners.

Safety for shipments


Low costs. Single pricing scheme worldwide. Pay-as-you-use model. No any roaming fees. All of this makes Trackee smart investment for your business.

Time To Trackee?

Trackee into high gear with the Global Cloud Tracking solution that makes positioning of your things as easy as never before.

You can start tracking and sharing tracking information with your customers or partners in just couple of clicks. Control everything from one single place – our responsive 100% Cloud-based web-application. Available for desktop and mobile devices.

Try it now, You don’t even need to have any trackers on hand.

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What is special in Trackee for your Business?

Available Worldwide

Ready-to-use Cloud Platform

Trackee is the ready-to-use Cloud Platform, which can be used right-out-of-the-box without any installation and configuration efforts.
It accelerates your business right away with minimal investments.

Global Network

There are no geographical boundaries for your business.
Trackee is a Global Network that connects people, things, devices & apps all around the World and unifies data flow between them without any differentiation.

Available Worldwide

Effective collaboration

Trackee like a Social Network provides you built-in features to quickly and easily share data with others. Make this as a part of your Service. Improve collaboration and open new revenue streams out of it.

Seamless integration

Trackee REST API enables full automation, easy and fast integration with your applications and systems. You can control everything programmatically – activate/deactivate tracking, fetch detailed tracking information, manage users, devices, rules and notifications and see all billing details in real-time.


Ultra-flexible pricing

Trackee offers the most flexible pricing schemes you can imagine. There are no subscriptions or roaming fees. You only pay for active tracking missions on daily basis. Stop a mission whenever you want and billing stops at the same time. All tracking details will be always available for you not paying anything for this.

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Custom branding

This is easier as never if you want to see your trackers or Cloud Application in your corporate colors and with logo on it. Contact us to know more about available options.

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