Trackee App

Trackee App

Experience new generation of asset tracking services with our sleek Cloud Tracking App.

Control all tracking details from one single place online.

What is special about Trackee Cloud App?

Trackee App is 1 flexible, 2 secure and incredibly 3 easy-to-use

You have flexibility of choosing a location update frequency, that will be optimal for your purpose, budget and of course battery life time of your tracker. Just stop tracking mission and per-day charging for this mission stops at the same time.

You can set a PIN-code for tracking mission to protect if from the unauthorized access. Only those people who have a PIN-code will be allowed to import tracking mission and see relevant data with timeline.

You can easily activate a new tracking mission just in seconds:

1 Select tracker, that will be linked to activated tracking mission.
2 Give tracking mission a name.
3 Select how often tracking position should be updated.
4 (Optionally) secure tracking mission with a PIN-code.

All information on a hand

Trackee shows you all important tracking information with respective mission statuses for all tracking mission in one single view. There is no need to navigate between multiple pages and put pieces of interesting for you information all together.

Name  Location   Updates  Last update  Tracker  Status
parcel Ankerstrasse, Zurich
car Mozartstrasse, Munich
luggage JFK Expressway, New York
container Container Port Rd S, Hong Kong
active Landwehrstrasse, Munich

Retina vector maps

Trackee makes use of best-in-class vector maps adapted for high resolution retina displays to show you trackers locations worldwide.

It is not only about having great experience seeing crystal clear maps on desktop and mobile platforms, but also improving performance and significantly reducing amount of data being transferred.

Explore some retina city maps ..

Detailed Timelines

How can you see what was going on with the tracker up to now? Where, when and how long it was at some point? All of this you can see in the Trackee's App mission timeline.

Mission timeline contains all details for tracking missions, such as:

Trackee stores all general information and timelines for all tracking missions forever. Thus, in any point of time you can see them again in the Cloud App or extract data by using our Trackee API and feed you apps.

Unified Search

Trackee makes it easily to find tracking data instantly among tens, hundreds or thousands tracking missions you may have. Just type keyword in the search field and Trackee will show all matches among mission names / location addresses / location update frequencies / last update dates and times / tracker codes or tracking statuses.

Billing Details

Where you can see how many credits left or how many credits is used everyday? Where you can buy credits or share them with your customers, business partners or friends and family?

All of this including detailed billing statistics for last days is available for you in the billing section of Trackee App. Have a full visibility and control over costs. Buy and share credits with others in couple of clicks.


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