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Trackee is a IoT Tracking Platform that connects things from any point of the World to the Cloud and makes their location visible for you online.

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Trackee is all about tracking things in real-time

Track things wherever they are. Share with others. Right from your browser or smartphone.

Works everywhere

Trackee works everywhere where cellular network is available. Indoors and outdoors, 98% of countries worldwide.

Easy to Use

Control all your trackers from one single place - simple and easy-to-use Trackee App. Accessible from anywhere, anytime.

Share easily

Share your tracking data simply. Give access to others in your network just in couple of clicks.

Trackee R

Compact. Powerful. Works everywhere.
Just start using it, no any SIM-card required.

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No SIM-card required

We make your life easier.

There is no need to select any telecom providers, compare prices, roaming fees, network coverage and eventually buy, install and remember where all your SIM-cards are. It is all in the past.

All Trackee devices have SIM-cards built-in.
We offer single pricing scheme for the whole World.
There are no any roaming fees attached.

What is special about Trackee R?

Compact & Universal

Trackee R is size of credit card. 8.5mm thin. Less than 47g. You can track almost anything you want - it fits literally everywhere.

Extra-long battery life

Extremely energy-efficient Trackee R is quipped with powerful and rechargeable Li-ion battery that is able to hold charge up to 1+ Year (daily location updates).

High accuracy

Even without GPS built-in Trackee R can report position with high accuracy down to 10 meters (using Wi-Fi).

Cost efficient

You pay only when you use Trackee. Stop using service and billing stops at the same time. No any roaming fees attached.

Always connected

Being switched on and properly charged Trackee R always remain connected to our Global Network. You can start tracking things even if device is on another continent.


Trackee R is ready-to-use right out of the box. It has built-in SIM-card that works everywhere, so you don’t need to buy and install any SIM-cards.
Time to Trackee

Time To Trackee?

Trackee into high gear with the Tracking App that makes positioning of your things fast and easy. You start tracking in couple of clicks and control everything from one single responsive App. Available for desktop and mobile devices.

Try it now, You don’t even need to have any trackers on hand.

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Trackee App

Control all tracking details online


Tracking Data


From the Cloud Web-Application


From your smartphone

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Either you build your own App or integrate systems Trackee provides you powerful API, that makes it easier and faster as never before.

Trackee API - convenient and secure way to remotely manage all tracking aspects programmatically.

Remote Control

Billing Data


Device Control

Tracking Data

Data Sharing

Business Rules

User Management

Trackee for Business

Location data worth spreading.
Make use of Trackee’s unique features for your business.

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